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Unilever Walls Ice Cream 2014 FULL LIST

Last Updated: 13/04/2014
Unilever Wall's Ice Cream Statement:This information has been provided to GMWA in good faith using the most up-to-date information available. We reserve the right to amend recipes as required and as such the information contained herein is subject to change.
IMPORTANT NOTE:   The information contained herein is applicable ONLY to Unilever products on general sale in the United Kingdom.  This information may not be applicable or relevant to the same products produced elsewhere in the world.
Calf Rennet Clarification:
Rennet per se, is not impermissible.
It is permissible to eat cheese which has rennet from calf rennet though
praiseworthy to refrain from due to a slight difference of opinion viz:

Is Whey Rennet Haraam? (no!)

Alcoholic Flavourings Clarification:

Alcohols used as a carrier for food colourings and flavourings are permissible as long as they are not sourced from dates or grapes.

Read the full article here:
contains: pork enzymes used in hydrolysed milk proteinsCarte D'or Artiscoop Rasberry Sorbet 5.5L
Carte D'or Artiscoop Lemon Sorbet 5.5L

Added Alcohol
Carte D'or Artiscoop Rum & Raisin 5.5L
Carte D'or Rum & Raisin 900mL
Carte D'Or My Carte D'Or Vanilla 200ml
Carte D'or Signature Tarte au Citron
Magnum Mini 6MP - Baileys
Solero Mojito 3MP & Impulse

Magnum Celebration Marc de Champagne 100ml (Impulse & MP)
Pork gelatine and pork enzymes
Haribo push up
Haribo Push Up MP & Impulse
Dino candy Orange
Dino candy Lemon

Investigating Status
Magnum 4 MP Yoghurt Fresh

The following are Halaal.However, the list is unique because unless otherwise stated, they are not  free from calf rennet, or alcoholic flavourings.  The fatwas links are at the top for clarification.  Kindly note that non milk products do  not include calf rennet e.g. Calippo etc.

Carte D'or Vanilla 1.5L Huge Value
Carte D'or Vanilla 900ml
Carte D'or Vanilla Light 900ml
Carte D'or Chocolate Inspiration 900ml
Carte D'or Crema di Mascarpone 900ml
Carte D'or Lavazza 900ml
Carte D'or Strawberry  900ml
Carte D'or Amaretto & Choc 900ml
Carte D'or Salted Caramel
Carte D'or Gelataria Chocolate Inspiration 900ml
Carte D'or Gelataria Crema di Mascarpone 900ml
Carte D'or Gelataria Salted Caramel 900ml
Carte D'or  Caramel 900ml
Carte D'Or Gelateria Caffe Latte 900ml
Carte D'Or Gelateria Eton Mess 900ml
Carte D'or My Carte D'or Chocolate 200ml
Carte D'or My Carte D'or  Caramel 200ml
Carte D'or My Carte D'or Cherry 200ml
Carte D'or My Carte D'or  Tiramisu 200ml
Carte D'or Signature Tarte aux Pommes
Carte D'or Signature Fondant au Chocolat
Carte D'or Signature Crème Brûlée

Carte D'or Artiscoop Vanilla 5.5L
Carte D'or Artiscoop Strawberry  5.5L
Carte D'or Artiscoop Triple Choc 5.5L     No Alcohol Flavouring
Carte D'or Artiscoop Strawberry Cheesecake 5.5L
Carte D'or Artiscoop Caramel 5.5L   No Alcohol Flavouring
Carte D'or Artiscoop Vanilla Choc Cookies 5.5L
Carte D'or Artiscoop Mint and Chocolate 5.5L  No Alcohol Flavouring
Carte D'Or Artiscoop  Bubblegum 5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop  Greek Yohurt and Honey 5.5L
Carte D'Or Haribo Cola 2.4L
Cornetto 4MP Cornetto Classico
Cornetto 4MP Cornetto Strawberry
Cornetto 4MP Cornetto Mint
Cornetto 4MP Cornetto Chocolate  Intense  No Alcohol Flavouring
Cornetto 4MP Premium Cheesecake Glory
Cornetto 4MP Premium Vanilla Shake
Cornetto 4MP Premium Cookie
Cornetto 5MP Cornetto Classico
Cornetto 5MP Cornetto Strawberry
Cornetto 5MP Cornetto Chocolate  Intense
Cornetto mini fruity 6MP
Cornetto mini warm 6MP
Cornetto Classico 125ml
Conrnetto Mint 125ml
Cornetto Strawberry 120ml
Cornetto Enigma Vanilla/Chocolate 125ml
Cornetto Enigma Popcorn 125ml
Cornetto Classico 90ml
Cornetto Strawberry 90ml
Cornetto Premium Cheesecake Glory 125ml
Cornetto Premium Vanilla Shake 125ml
Cornetto Choc 'N' Ball 160ml
Cornetto Soft Choc Chip -18C
Cornetto Soft Straw -18C
Cornetto Soft Vanilla -18C
Cornetto Soft Caramel -18C
Magnum Classic -  Impulse and Multipack products
Magnum White  - Impulse and Multipack products
Magnum Almond  - Impulse and Mulitpack products
Magnum 3 MP Magnum Infinity Choc & Caramel   No Alcohol Flavouring
Magnum 3 MP Magnum Infinity Chocolate   No Alcohol Flavouring
Magnum 4 MP Strawberry and White
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [1] - Almond
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [1] -  Classic
Magnum Mini Mixed 6 MP [1] - White
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [2] - Classic
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [2] - Dark
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [2] - Mint    No Alcohol Flavouring
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [3] - Double Caramel
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [3] - Double Chocolate   No Animal rennet  No Alcohol Flavouring
Magnum Mini Magnum Almond 6 MP
6MP Magnum Mini Kisses2 Meringue aux Fruits
Magnum mania 8 MP (RFA  (2 x 110mL classic, almond, white, double caramel - see individual impulse products for details)
Magnum Double Caramel 110ml
Magnum Mint 110ml (Impulse & MP)
Magnum Mini Pistachio and Hazelnut 6MP -mixed
Magnum Pistachio 110ml 3MP
Magnum Gold 110ml 3MP
Magnum After Dinner 10MP
Mini Milk Chocolate 35ml (Impulse & MP)
Mini Milk Vanilla 35ml (Impulse & MP)
Mini Milk Strawberry 35ml (Impulse & MP)   (no animal rennet)
Calippo 6 MP Mini Calippo Orange/Lemon   (no animal rennet)
Calippo Cola 5MP    (no animal rennet)
Calippo Strawberry 5MP    (no animal rennet)
Calippo Orange 105ml     (no animal rennet)  No Alcohol Flavouring
Calippo Shots Straw & Lemon 163ml   (no animal rennet)
Calippo Strawberry & Tropical  105ml  (no animal rennet)
Calippo Bubblegum 105ml    (no animal rennet)
Funny Feet 4MP
Feast 8 MP Mini Feast Choc & Mint - see individual products
Feast Chocolate Feast 92ml
Feast Mint Feast 92ml
Solero Exotic  Impulse and MP

8MP Happy Mix (2 mini Twister, 1 mini Magnum, 1 mini Almond, 1 Cornetto Classico, 1 Cornetto Strawberry, 1 Chocolate Mini Milk, 1 Vanilla Mini Milk - see each individual product)
Chunky Choc Ice 75ml
Twister 8 MP Mini Twister
Twister 80ml

Big Bite 110ml Impulse
6 MP Big Bite - Vanilla
6 MP Big Bite - Caramel
6 MP Big Bite - Chocolate
Dracula 6MP
Iceberger 100ml
Viennetta Mint - 650ml, 1 litre     No Alcohol Flavouring 
Viennetta Vanilla - 650ml, 1 litre
Viennetta Strawberry 650ml
Classics Cornish Vanilla 1.5L
Wall's Cornish Brick 500ml
Walls Cream of Cornish Vanilla 1L
Wall's Cream Of Cornish 105ml
Wall's Vanilla Light 1.8L    No Alcohol Flavouring
Wall's Vanilla Soft Scoop 1.8 L    No Alcohol Flavouring
Wall's Touch of Yoghurt Peach 1.7 L
Wall's Touch of Yoghurt Strawberry 1.7 L
Wall's Big Bite Vanilla 1L
Wall's Big Bite Strawberry 1L
Wall's Big Bite Chocolate 1L
Snog Passion Fruit Pip Pop 140ml   No Alcohol Flavouring
Snog Summer Berry Berry Slam140ml   No Alcohol Flavouring
Snog Berry Blue & Acai Burst140ml   No Alcohol Flavouring
Swedish Glace Vanilla 750ml
Swedish Glace Raspberry 750ml    No Alcohol Flavouring
Swedish Glace Chocolate 750ml    No Alcohol Flavouring
Swedish Glace Neapolitan 1.3L    No Alcohol Flavouring

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