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Last Updated: 12/04/2014
Unilever Statement follows:
This information has been provided to Foodguide UK in good faith using the most up-to-date information available .
We reserve the right to amend recipes as required and as such the information contained herein is subject to change.    
IMPORTANT NOTE:   The information contained herein is applicable ONLY to Unilever products on general sale in the United Kingdom.  This information may not be applicable or relevant to the same products produced elsewhere in the world.

All Ben & Jerry’s ice creams are suitable for Vegetarians, i.e. we do not use any meat products, including gelatine, etc.
We use the European Vegetarian Union logo on most of our flavours as the ingredients are all suitable for vegetarians and made using only free range eggs.
However, 5 of our current flavours have marshmallow / brownies / chocolatey baked goods that have been sourced from the US. Whilst these are suitable for Vegetarians, we don't use the European Vegetarian Union logo on them. " 

The following are all Halaal. The fatwa links are at the bottom with explanations.
None of the Ben and Jerry's use calf (animal rennet).
Most of them use alcoholic flavourings
BEN&JERRY'S 150ml Fairtrade
BEN&JERRY'S 150ml Caramel  Chew Chew
BEN&JERRY'S 150ml Chocolate Fudge Brownie
BEN&JERRY'S 150ml Cookie Dough
BEN&JERRY'S 150ml Strawberry Cheesecake
Ben & Jerry's 150ml Greek Style Strawberry Shortcake
Ben & Jerry's 150 ml Greek Style Vanilla Honey Caramel
Ben & Jerry's 150 ml Peanut Butter Cup
BEN & JERRY'S 4.5L Cone Sweet Cone
BEN & JERRY'S 4.5L Smores
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L Baked Alaska
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L Caramel Chew Chew
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L Cherry Garcia
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L Chocolate Fudge Brownie
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L Cookie Dough
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L Chunky Monkey
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L Vanilla
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L Mint Choc Chunk
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L Phish Food
BEN & JERRY'S 4.5L Strawberry Cheesecake
BEN&JERRY'S 4.5L The Vermonster
BEN & JERRY'S 4.5L Clever Cookies
BEN & JERRY'S 4.5L Peanut Butter Cups
Ben & Jerry's 4.5L Greek Style Vanilla Honey Caramel
Ben & Jerry's 4.5L Greek Style Raspberry Choc
BEN&JERRY'S 500ml Baked Alaska
BEN&JERRY'S 500ml Caramel Chew Chew
BEN&JERRY'S 500ml Chocolate Fudge Brownie
BEN&JERRY'S 500ml Cookie Dough
BEN&JERRY'S 500ml Half Baked
BEN&JERRY'S 500ml Phish  Food
BEN&JERRY'S 500ml Phish Food Frozen Yoghurt
BEN&JERRY'S 500ml Dough-ble Whammy Core
BEN&JERRY'S 500ml Karamel Sutra Core
BEN&JERRY'S 500mL Clever Cookies
BEN&JERRY'S 500mL Peanut butter me up Core
BEN&JERRY'S 500mL Fairtrade Blondie Brownie Core
BEN&JERRY'S 500mL Peanut  cup
Ben & Jerry's 500ml Dough-ble Whammy Core
Ben & Jerry's 500ml  Greek Style Raspberry Chocolate
Ben & Jerry's 500ml Greek Style Strawberry Shortcake
Ben & Jerry's 500ml  Greek Style Vanilla Honey Caramel
Ben & Jerry's  500ml All or Nut'ting

Calf Rennet Clarification:
Rennet per se, is not impermissible.
It is permissible to eat cheese which has rennet from calf rennet though
praiseworthy to refrain from due to a slight difference of opinion viz:

Is Whey Rennet Haraam?  (no!)

Alcoholic Flavourings Clarification:

used as a carrier for food colourings and flavourings are permissible
as long as they are not sourced from dates or grapes.

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  1. Non of alcohols are halal. It doesn't matter where they come from. So please do not misguide Muslims.

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